Blogging hints

good quality contents

3 things for good quality content for bloggers

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I would like to share these with my friends who want to write good blogs.
Good quality content should be:
1. free of jargon, buzzwords, complexity, and confusion. 2. Packaging the content into groups of three makes it far easier to remember. 3. Tell a simple story

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About Dawn Lim

I am a professional, Outsider visual artist, located at Lake Burrumbeet, 10kms west of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. I paint Abstract Paintings because I want to create not just copy, and I use oil paint by preference, on stretched canvas. I also teach Art in all the different genres of painting and drawing eg Portraits, Landscape, still life, and Abstract art in most mediums. Born in England, I am a self-taught artist from childhood. In my late teens I was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Making my home in Australia I studied painting, majoring in abstract art and graduating with honours at University. Due to my illness, I found myself in the category of an Outsider Artist. I enjoy following the Surrealist technique of making marks and communicating with what is found.
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